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About us

We are two doctors and during several years we have experienced some of the negative aspects of working in a 24h shift-based system. We know how long can it take to organise a team of doctors and how hard can it be.

When it was our turn to organise the shifts of our team we started using a different method. We wanted to avoid imposing turns and we tried changing the system: instead of telling the colleagues when to work, we asked them when did they want to work.

The results were very positive: all shifts were covered and everybody was happy because they had the power of choosing their working days.

Having this experience in mind, we created bonobodoc, an online tool that simplifies the way we organise medical shifts and which is based on the question When do you want to work?

We want all the hospitals to use our tool so that no more doctors will have to organise shifts, which will be distributed with doctors' preferences in mind. This way, doctors will be able to focus exclusively on patient care, which is what they like the most.

Luis Orozco Cuesta M.D.


Pablo Escánez Lacorte M.D.